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Im having real trouble with my graphics card at the moment. It is a ATI Radeon HD 4670 (1GB) and has the HDMI output on it. I have connected my Xbox 360 HDMI cable from the graphics card into my HDTV and I cannot get anything on the HDTV at all. The monitor works find via VGA but nothing on the TV. I have tried all the resolutions available and updated the drivers and software but still nothing.

Can anyone help?
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  1. Make sure your TV is set to HDMI.

    Sounds obvious but many people miss this part.
  2. It is set to EXT6 which is the source for that HDMI port, although I have tried all the other sources as well just in case.
  3. do you have dual displays configured in windows? if you're only using the TV as the primary display for windows, then you might need to change the primary output in the Catalyst control center.
  4. I've got the VGA setup to my monitor as the primary and the HDMI as secondary and doesnt work. I have tried it with HDMI as primary alone, primary HDMI and secondary VGA, I've even tried various configurations using the DVI as well.

    Could it be the HDMI cable? although it does work fine with my Sky HD+ box and my Xbox 360??
  5. I'm sure you may have tried this already, but in Catalyst, where you set primary/secondaryclick tghe graphics tab-display options- you should have a force detect, force component. Enable force tv detect. I suppose it is possible your input to TV is damaged, but doubtful.
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