Why cant i enter bios on my foxconn mobo

why cant i enter my bios when pressing delete on bootup, all i get is the advanced screen asking me which operating system to use, the reason i want to enter it is bcos i cant seem to get my multi card reader to work, i get the error code 43 when i plug it in to the usb port so i want to check if pnp is enabled
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  1. Not all motherboards have delete key for entering bios. You can try ESC, F1, F2, F10. Also, it may be a very short time to enter bios. Try pressing the key earlier.
  2. Malmental --- Why go back through the forum for posts that are eight or more months old and solved to spam a message of booting into safe mode for people that were trying to get into the BIOS which is something that this does not even apply to ??? Please look at the date of the thread and the last time it was posted to before resurrecting it to spam an answer that you are copy pasting to each !!
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