When is the 300 series being released?

I heard October 31st? Any truth to that?
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  1. No. Better wait till Late December/early next-year.
  2. Don't know, ask Nvidia.
  3. Q2 2010
  4. William-74 said:
    I heard October 31st? Any truth to that?

    i heard they want to release something on that day but it wasn't Fermi based GeForce. it was something else
  5. At this point, we know very little. No credible rumors have come out telling us how smoothly the process is going. Oct. 31st though is overly optimistic even for the best case unfortunately. I'd be looking for a few cards out, maybe only to reviewers, before the new year. Hopefully in larger amounts soon after. I think the best case is a semi paper launch in November. Worst case? Anywhere from Q1-Q2 of next year.
  6. Your guess is as good as ours.
  7. I know when...July 16th 2012...
  8. That's not Fermi though...
  9. No but then Fermi is not necessarily the 300 series either, and I'm not so sure that this 'new' card has anything to do with both of those but it's all we got.
  10. That card will probably be the GTX395 :kaola:
  11. Ive heard rumors that Fermis out for some testing. So who knows?
    Not sure how long itll be, as they not only have to create and tweak brand new drivers, but also their SW/CUDA for gpgpu usage.
  12. sure hope by holiday season. finger crossed.
  13. Q2 2010
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