Vertex 2 vs. Vertex 3 (simple)

Hi all.

I'm thinking of getting my first SSD, FINALLY.
Now I can get a Vertex 2 much cheaper than a Vertex 3. I know the synthetic benchmarks, but I don't think there will be much real world difference. True? Or does the Vertex 3 have other advantages as well, like better firmware, better self management, etc?

Also, any special BIOS or Windows changes I need to do for SSD? Use AHCI, turning defrag off? Anything else you think is important?
I did read Useful SSD Articles - Part 2. &,2991.html

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  1. Which motherboard do you have? What do yo do with your pc? Are you a gamer?

    There have been all sorts of tweaks for Windows 7 and ssd's. Two months ago Tom's Hardware published an analysis of 9 of the most popular tweaks:,2911.html

    The results were pretty surprising. Some of the tweaks can actually be harmful.
  2. Thanks for the post!

    I have a Gigabyte UD3P (SATA 2 and I'll upgrade to 6Gb/s later)) and I'm a gamer. But I also use the PC for professtional work as well.
    I did read this link 2 monts ago,2911.html
    It seems not much as changed since then.

    I'm not looking for lots of tweeks. If Windows 7 is mature enough with the updates, I don't think I'll need lots of fixing just to make to make SSD run at 90% of max potential without shorting the SSD drive life.
    Do I need the newest Intel RST driver ?

    Since you didn't mention Vertex 2 or 3, then I guess there isn't much difference except for synthetic benchmarks.

    Since I'm just looking for good/average performance, I'll just use AHCI & TRIM AND Disable System Restore & Drive Indexing for now - since some tweeks can harm.
    I'm also planning on getting a 120 gig version (more than enough), so I don't to count & save every meg so carefully.
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    Vertex 3 has much improved recycling engine for greater consistency and on-the fly recovery. It's here to stay for a bit.

    Vertex 2 is kinda old tech now and will be gone in another year or so. Best to put your money on the future a little more and avoid it.
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