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I generally try to stay away from Dells, but recently an Optiplex 755 fell into my lap. I was thinking of slamming in a GTS250 since I recieved it cardless, but realised it only had a 305W PSU. Now, I don't know much about hardware so here comes some questions:

a) Is 305W enough to power the Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, the GTS250, a HDD, a couple of fans and four sticks of DDR2? I've tried some online calculators but they all say that everything from 200W up to 500W is required, and I do not know which to trust.
b) If not, can I easily change the PSU? Like I said, don't know much about hardware, but I do know that Dell build their computers all backwards. So will a regular PSU fit in there? If so, what wattage do you recommend?
c) If not, is there any relativley cheap way to easily power the graphics card externally?
d) If all else fails, what is the actual consequences of an under-powered computer? Temperature rise, loss of performance or even hardware damage?

I would really appreciate any help with this! Thank you!

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  1. a) Probably, but you would need to use an adapter and I wouldn't reccomend it

    b) as long as it's the mini tower almost any standard ATX psu will work

    This would do
  2. Hey Delluser1, thanks for your input!

    a) Do you mean for the SATA-power cables? I've actually tried that and have it up and running, but I dare not try to push the limits of the computer because I do not know the consequences of running a potentially under-powered computer.
    b) Cheers!

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