Best nVidia Graphic Card for a 400W Delta PSU?

Hello all,

I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Scaleo Pi 2680 PC with 9600Gt by default.
I would like to change my graphic card but I dont know how far I can go, without having to change the PSU ( Delta ).

Can you please tell me what is the best of the best graphic cards that I could buy for my PC without changing anything in the specs?
There is no money limit and the proc is Quad so I guess the machine is not that bad?

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  1. No money limit? Buy a new PSU! There's not any card, I think, that will run off of that small PSU with a Q-CORE that is better than a 9600GT. Maybe an HD4670.

    Buy a Corsair 550W for $50, and then for these price ranges...

    $65: HD4670
    $90 HD4850
    $125 HD4870
    $160 HD5770
    $180 HD4890 (depending if you want lower tech).
  2. if I buy a PSU I might already buy a gfx 295....
    btw. pci 16x is OK and 100% of such a card please?
  3. Dude! Just buy a new PSU leke shadow said since money isn't an issue. If it's trully not a money problem, get a Corsair 650TX + 5870.

    $180 HD4890 (depending if you want lower tech).

    True, but it does beat the 5770.
  4. First of all, Weber, you come in and give us a limited choice with your already low PSU.
    Then you tell us you have no budget.


    Give us a budget, ffs.
  5. A GTS250 1GB would be fine on a 400w Delta PSU. Make sure it's the newer 55nm version with only a single 6 pin PSU connect.

    To go up to a GTX260 216you'd need a different power supply.
  6. the budget is 400 Euro including everything...I am kind of scared of the new PSU due to the fact I never installed one...I am not sure I would be able to get it working and plug everything where it has to be :(

    Ok, so what kind of a PSU should I buy please? What Wats? Is the size always the same but the power is different? I have a micro ATX tower.
  7. ur 9600gt is not a bad card at all for lower resolution. But infact i would recommend u a 5750 because it takes less power or if u want to test and be lucky then a 5770. Currently all the high end nvidia cards are a bit overpriced and also there's no surety that a gtx260 can tax on ur psu as the brand is not very well known. U may run a gts250 in that psu but buying a 250 right now is a loss because at the same price u would get a 5750 which takes less power, more gaming power than 250 and ofcourse the new dx11 tech.

    But if u really want to go with nvidia then keep the current card wait for the new gt300 series launch, keep saving money and at that time buy a new psu and buy a new gfx that serves u better. At that time maybe u can expect a little bit price drop also.
  8. As ur budget is 400 euro that is almost $600 u can buy a corsair 650TX(650W) and with the additional money u can buy a 5870 or a 5850. Both are very powerful card with dx11 capability. I cant recommend u a nvidia cards as those are pretty much overpriced right now else i would recommend u a gtx285. but at that money u will find the 5870 which is far better than 285
  9. i have red that 4770 need a 450W minimum, but it is a very reasonable respond, thank you.
    Also, i have PCIe x16 1.0, will it effect the peformance?
    Also, my 9600Gt is 256Bit, this card is 128Bit ...its different technologie I believe?

    So all in all, if I buy a crossair 650W I can install any card I want that will fit my mATX tower?

    Thank you all
  10. You can install any single-GPU card (stay away from the GTX295, 4870/50x2!)
    Your PCI-E1.0x16 will not limit you in any way noticeable.
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