Q6600 P5N-D won't overclock past 2.65GHz?

Here's some more info:

Memory: 3x 1GB 800MHz 4,4,4,12, 1x 2GB 800MHz 5,5,5,12 (bios timings are set to 5,5,5,12)
Processor: Q6600 G0 revision, 2.4 stock
Motherboard: P5N-D, running latest bios version

My problem is I simply cannot get the FSB to anything greater than 295 (linked with 3:2 multiplier, 786MHz ram clock). I've tried upping the core voltage into the 1.3-1.45v region, but i still get a blue screen with some generic hardware malfunction message before i even make it to desktop. Can anyone explain this? I've seen most people with this processor getting theirs to 3GHz with ease, and 3.6 with a bit of fine tuning.

One other strange thing to note is before the bios flash when i was running the 203 bios version, whenever i tried to turn off the virtualisation enable setting or whatever it's called the pc would instantly turn off as i saved the bios, then wouldnt turn back on until i reset the cmos manually. However i havent tested this with the new bios i just put on, as to reset it involves taking the graphics card out and some serious case shuffling, something id rather not do unless absolutely required.

Thanks in advance guys :)


oh also I should add, i'm aware running my memory as one dual channel two single channels is inefficient, it's just down to crucial sending me a 2gb stick instead of 1gb when I RMA'd it, which I am trying to get sorted soon. I'm hoping this shouldnt affect overclocking my cpu too much?
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  1. have you tried disabling intel speed step
    also what multi are you running
    for a 3.0ghz you should be using 333 fsb x 9 multi
    im running 400 fsb x 9 multi giving me 3.6ghz
  2. Speed step is disabled, 9x multiplier. The max I can get is 295 fsb, giving me 2.655GHz on the processor.

    Another thing I have just noticed, in CPU-Z it appears the core voltage droops from 1.216 to 1.184 when under load, is this too large?
  3. Might be your RAM holding you back...DDR2? or DDR3?

    You should be able to switch FSB from 266 to 333 for an automatic 3.0ghz...no other changes.
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