Need to Upgrade Memory in HP Pavilion 6830

What type SDRAM memory and what is max memory size I can install on Asus motherboard with two memory slots for HP Pavilion 6830 with Intel Celeron 701 MHZ, bus 66Mhz. Or how can I speed up clock
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  1. Knowing the model of the mobo would be useful...

    Anyway, I think that your micro is this one:

    It use the socket 370 and the memory type was SDRAM 66Mhz. The max memory size depends on the chipset of your mobo: ALi Aladdin TNT2, Intel 440BX, Intel 820E, Intel 820, SiS 630E, Intel 815E, Intel 815EP, VIA 694Z, VIA Pro133A, VIA 694XDP, VIA ProSavage PM133 or Intel 815E.

    It's very difficult, although not impossible, to find such an old memory module. Kingston manufactures SDRAM 100Mhz modules which could be compatible.

    Anyway, I think that you should look for it in the second-hand market.
  2. Double post and I already gave the exact specs for it
    In that old school board you can use 16, 32, 64, 128, and 256 MB 168pin PC 100 SDRAM and the board can max out at 512 MBs some of those boards would work with 512MB sticks but more often it didnt. You can find 2 x 256 mb PC100 SDRAM on ebay for like $5.
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