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$2000 i7 computer

Last response: in Systems
October 11, 2009 3:45:55 PM


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, internet, photo editing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker


PARTS PREFERENCES: I'd like an i7 processor and one of the new ATI graphics cards

OVERCLOCKING: Yes SLI OR CROSSFIRE: yes at a later time


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want something that'll last me for a while before i have to upgrade it

CPU: Intel core i7 920


RAM: Corsair XMS3 3x2GB 1333MHz CAS latency of 7

GPU: Sapphire ATI 5850

Hard drive: 2x WD Caviar Black 640GB in RAID 0

PSU: Antec 750W Continuous power supply

DVD: Samsung 22x with lightscribe

Case: Antec 1200

Moniter: Acer 23" 1080P(comes with all of the cables, even HDMI)

OS: Windows 7 Professional

Is it worth it to pay $25 to get RAM that runs at 1600MHz?

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October 11, 2009 5:17:49 PM

"Is it worth it to pay $25 to get RAM that runs at 1600MHz?"

Not really. You can always OC your 1333 to 1600 easily.

You will need a aftermarket heat sink fan if you want to OC. I recommend the Xigamatek Dark Night.
October 11, 2009 5:23:07 PM

no its not worth to pcik up 1600 mhz ram for etra 25 if u play games. HAF CM series are really good, so consider them cauz they perform jsut as good as 1200 but cost less. Get a corsair PSU. Otherwise pretty good ^^
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October 11, 2009 5:28:06 PM

is there any reason as to why i should get a corsair PSU? i was thinking of going for the cooler master case when i was making this build but i think that im going to stick with the antec case because it looks nicer and has better airflow
October 11, 2009 6:41:05 PM

+1 on the Dark Knight, Scythe Mugen 2 is also a awesome heatsink for the money. I do not know a whole lot about PSUs but I went with alot of the recommendations I got here about corsair and so far it runs quiet and smooth.

Running a Corsair 850 watt hx modular.
October 11, 2009 7:38:57 PM

Considering your future plans, I'd opt for a better PSU. I put the Antec Signature 850 in my 1200 cases. The Corsair HX series is an equivalent which I'd use in an HAF 932 if the client wanted a more aggressive case style, but w/ the Antec case, I think the Signature is the better choice. The Corsair TX and Antec TP series are next level down.

The 640 GB Black's are not among the top performers though the 2 TB model is. Check the performance charts here making sure to consider temperature and sound:

For Photo Editing or CAD work (if that includes rendering) you will want to avoid a TN LCD panel. Best choices, though they will put a damper on your budget, are the Dell 2408 S-PVA panel and it's successor the U2410 H-IPS panel. Both will give you 1920 x 1200 as oppossed to 1920 x 1080. I like the extra real estate at the bottom of screen as playing at 1920 x 1080 leaves me access to task bar and other goodies. The 2408 WFP runs about $440, the 2410 can be had for $480

As for the GFX card, if you talking XMas time, I'd hold off a final decision until I see what nVidia comes up with around turkey day.