New Build-Final draft

Hey all,

About to place my order here soon and am attempting to refine my build. After 3 drafts this is my final.


Water Cooling: (probably overkill but I’m willing to spend the extra cash for the experience of building it with it in).

Any advice on alternative parts for performance or to save some cash on the build would be appreciated. This PC will be used primarily for online gaming and 3D programs. Looking for best performance w/ max settings.


World of Warcraft
Everquest II
Star Wars Galaxies


3D Max

• I have read that the Radeon HD 4870’s (in an original draft) get very hot, which motivated the Zalman VF1000 2 Ball VGA coolers I have in the updated draft. Havent found anywhere that says I would have any issues with the GIGABYTE GV-N275UD-896I GeForce GTX 275’s I have in the current build but assume they would. Can anyone clarify this?

• Do I need to focus on my Ethernet card or are there any suggestions regarding a choice since all the games I play are online?
Thanks in advance
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    Looks awesome but expensive. I have a few price cutting tips for you.

    Swap you expensive WD HDD for a Samsung Spinpoint F3 and save $10.

    This RAM is $30 cheaper and does the exact same thing.

    You have a really nice motherboard selected but again, its expensive. You can get this version of the P6T for $50 less and really only miss features that you may not even use anyways.

    Many people on this site have taken a liking to the ASRock Extreme which is only $150 and does just about everything the higher end boards do for $100 less. Its honestly the best x58 board for the price.

    There is absolutely no reason to spend $400+ on nVidia GPU's at this time. A single 5870 will smoke your GTX 275's in SLI.

    If you get the ASRock Extreme and everything else I suggested you will save around $200 and gain performance.
  2. Nice setup, I have the P6T deluxe v2 and so far I love it, the ASrock x58 board can definitely handle that build with out any problems if you are looking to save some money. I originally selected the same PSU as you, but switched to corsair 850 hx modular. Just make sure you plug the set 4/8 pin connector to the 12v if you go with the modular that comes included with the psu. Made a rookie mistake on my first build and coudln`t figure out why my pc was not booting! I don`t know much about the case you selected but I am running an antec 1200 full tower, it has very excellent airflow.

    I to was looking for a game that could handle aion warhammer fps games, and without a doubt you will be loving your new rig. Have fun with your new system :)
  3. It's hard to address your build w/o knowing what resolution you are playing with but for $225 per vid card, I'd consider the following alternatives:

    -Single 5870 (saves about $80)
    -GTX 295 single card w/ bit better performance of twin 275's (about $20 more)
    -Twin 5850's (about $70 more)

    The biggest difference between the current cards is that ATI has DX11 and nVidia has PhysX support. However, nVidia's drivers which disable PhysX have been hacked and now you can have twin ATI's in XFire as well as a dedicated PhysX card.,8786.html

    Twin 5850's w/ say a 9800 GT would seem to give the best of both worlds and give you effects like these:

    Banners and flags flutter and sway, shredding when a Batarang or gun fire hits. Caution tape and cobwebs tear as Batman moves through them. Sheets of paper are strewn about the floors throughout Arkham interiors. They furl and roll around in reaction to characters kicking them. During combat, Batman’s swift movements cause them to fly into the air and float back down again. Without PhysX, they only exist as static piles and textures stuck onto surfaces. On the outside, fallen leaves act in much the same way, adding to the appearance of your interactions with the game world.

    PhysX features like cloth simulation and volumetric smoke/fog are nice additions that really up the immersion factor, but it’s the addition of rigid bodies that really sets Batman: AA apart from previous PhysX titles like Mirror’s Edge. You can really see this in the scarecrow levels where entire walls can be blown up into hundreds of pieces.

    Assuming of course that nVidia doesn't disable the hack w/ a future driver update. Of course that takes your $450 GFX investment and brings it up to $620 or so :)
  4. Thanks for all the great replies. Along with the good advice.

    The build changed, I am going for the single 5870, and once the prices drop down the road I'll grab another and Crossfire it.

    That 5870 after everything i have read will manhandle everything I am trying to do.

    As far as the ASRock X58 Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard . This was in my original build after some advice to try it. After that I did some research and just went with the P6T because the reviews for that board and cutomer reviews are really convincing.

    I dont see much that I would lose by going with it, but I was looking at the mobo as the most important piece. Anyone know exactly what , if anything, I would exactly be losing by trading it off? Its a substantial price change if itll do the job,but I dont know if I am missing what would be lost.
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