Intel core i5 750 vs. Amd Phenom II X4 965

I am changing my pc for a new one
and i do not now which processor to buy.
which is the best quad core processor in these two?
or should i buy other intel or amd processor?
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  1. There are countless theads about this on the first page, just read those.
  2. Yup. And the op made two of the same threads. Delete this please.
  3. I own the AMD Phenom II black Quad; it's been just fine; have read that the Intel equivalent is faster at the margins, and I think the Motherboards made for the processor are greater. In my case the Slot for the DDR3 RAM modules is anchored with a small plastic pressure clip, that FELL OFF and would not hold the DDR3 module into the slot...that lack of pressure prevented system boot.

    since all my modules are 4GB DDR3 I just went with 12GB RAM total system memory instead 16 GB RAM.
    Live there, because it now at least boots.
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