CD-DVD drive cannot read movie files?

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop. At start it used to detect all kind of CD's DVD's (like movies/music) but suddenly DVD's containing such files are shown as blank (i.e: Autoplay option asks for burn or write to disc option) :( .

I checked for problems through diagnostics and replies in forums (like: changed drive letter, uninstall drive ) but nothing is working.

My laptop is still under warranty, but i would still like to solve problems if possible myself.

Can anybody help me through this?

Thanks in advance for your time and support!!

Rahul Prasad
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  1. Looks like there are files ready and waiting to be burned to the DVD drive. Either do that or delete these files.

    Then insert your movie DVD, place your feet up, get some popcorn, and enjoy the movie!
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