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I am sure that this question has been asked many times, but I am new to this and don't know what to look for in order to answer my questions, so I will just post. This post may also be in the wrong place as I am asking a few different questions here... so I apologize for that too.

I am going to be doing a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 on my new Crucial M4 SSD which I am going to use in new build: --SSD --Motherboard --CPU

I have a 500 GB HD in my current computer that I would like to use as an internal storage device in this new build. It is almost full with videos, music, and documents that I would like to have access to on my new build. However this drive has Windows 7 x86 on it. I have the following questions.

-Can you provide me with a guide to installing the 64 bit OS on my SSD? I am unsure of how to specify AHCI mode and such.

-What do I have to do to my existing drive (non ssd) to make it compatible with my new system, preferably without losing what I have on it already?

-To obtain the best results with my SSD, what do I install on it, just programs and the OS?

-Will speed be sacrificed because my storage drive will only be a 7200 RPM Caviar Black drive?

Thanks for the help!
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