HELP! PC wont start!

On start up i will hear a long beep for 3 seconds and then the system will shut down and try to start up again,it will give the same beep sound then shutdown. It sounds like one singular long beep but it could be a 2 tone beep for 3 seconds then shut down, i really cant tell the difference in pitch. gigabyte does not have in its manual the long 3 second then shut down beep warning.

My pc was fine last night, i shut it down for the night and on start up this morning it would just give me the error beep, not post anything on the screen, then shutdown after 3 seconds of the long beep.

i have the gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 running a core i7 with 12 gigs of ram and a nvidia video card. the system was running just fine last night and ive been checking out its core temps every day for a week it never gets hotter than 60 C according to "Core Temp", i was checking this to see how it did compared to my old pc from 2005 which would run around 90C. I am not overclocking the system or anything! and gigabyte does not have in its manual the long 3 second then shut down beep warning so what does it mean?
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  1. Start by removing all but one DIMM, in the DDR3_1 slot (second from the CPU), and unplugging the power plugs from everything not required for BIOS - everything except vidcard, and MOBO (& ATX 2x2 or 2x4) plugs... This will 'lighten the load' on your power supply, and give you a chance to get 'er up...

    If still problems, post a complete list of everything in system [manufacturer and part number]...
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