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Trying to install Win XP on my Dell xps T450 with new HDD. Unable to change boot order in bios. How can I make changes?
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  1. F12 at start up should get you to a boot menu.
  2. delluser1 said:
    F12 at start up should get you to a boot menu.

    I tried that several moons ago. All I get isa a beep, but no picture. When I get into bios I cannot change any settings. I want to change the boot order. Was able to do that without problems on another Dell, but not this one
    :fou: :fou: :(
  3. Standing by with sledgehammer in hand......
  4. Disabling the CMOS battery, booting without the battery installed allowed me to go into BIOS and make all needed changes. F-12 does not get me anywhere....
  5. On your next boot try using the delete key to get into the bios.
  6. +1 to delluser1
  7. crazy359 said:
    +1 to delluser1

    Not worthy of it. Should have thought of it to begin with, but the mind slips sometimes.
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