What case do i need for 9-pin front audio ports?

so i'm looking at the ECS G41T-M6 (V1.0) MB. it has a 9-pin front audio port connector. i've heard that some cases with front audio ports only have 4 or 5 pin wires, which won't work with the 9-pin connector on that MB. is this true? none of the cases i've looked at have mentioned anything about the type of front audio port, so if the above is true, how can i determine which cases will work and which won't?
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  1. Welcome to the forums newcommer!

    All cases come with the 9 pin audio port connector to mobos. Which cases have you heard of? (that have the 4-5 pin) i 2 thermaltake cases -an armor jr and spedo - both have the 9 pin connector. The only noticeable change is that the armor had the wires individually so hooking them up took me time. The spedo had the pins clumped in a socket so it was hastle free for me.

    all the other cases also have them. Post a list of cases within your buying options and I'll pass a verdict.
  2. thanks a bunch! the one i'm looking at is just a cheap case...the description says "Silver Atx Midtower Case W/Black Front", with an Item Code of "CSPGENMSILVRBLK". i'm hoping to order the system through{6F065CCE-EVERESTACAA-4C77-8ABB-FDFF4441454C}&ic=CSPGENMSILVRBLK

    here's what the guy who got me worried said...

    "Some basic cases with front audio will not work with a smart audio chip MB, only a basic audio chip board. To use a MB that has SMART audio chip, the case must have a 9 wire audio connector, but some only have 4 or 5 wire front hookups."
  3. Is that all you have in mind? Have you seen any at your microcenter or on any other sites?
    I went through and looked up some coolermasters -

    i'm hoping to order the system through

    so your also getting the ECS from the same site?

    What else are you getting for your rigg? if its for gaming, HTPC ,office use or whatever. The cooler masters i chose are good for gaming rigs, while the thermaltakes are a little higher,price wise, on newegg's site. Some other choices are Silverstone , Antec , NZXT.
  4. i've looked at some others, but that ascendtech site seemed to be the cheapest i could find for the entire rig. i'm essentially getting an entirely new system, but i'm not able to spend much time on my personal computer anymore (too much time on the work puter) so my budget is very low.

    i'm all but set on a quad core Q8300, the ECS MB, 2GB DDR3, and 500GB HD. it's only for personal use, and i'm a (very) casual gamer and only play ancient games from when i was college (Counterstrike Source, Jedi Academy, etc) so even the onboard GMA X4500 should be fine for now.

    so, where i found this particular package deal, i have to get the case from them as well, and the one above seemed fine for me. i don't care what it looks like, but it would be nice to have the front audio jacks, so i was just hoping to find out for sure if they would work with the MB.

    when i price similar components on their own, it ends up costing an extra $50 - $75.
  5. Not really answering your question but how about something like this
    AMD Athlon II X4 635 + ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 AM3 $229.98
    I don't know what motherboard you're looking at but I'm sure the one in this deal is better than almost any ECS board. Plus you get USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb and compatibility with AMD's soon to be released 6 core CPU's.

    As for your case I would have to agree with Lutfij. I would also suggest a Cooler Master, something like their Elite series are inexpensive and very good. I have one that I got on sale for my HTPC and I've built several systems in them. This is a good choice

    I just re-read your post and saw that you're getting the ECS G41T-M6. I would caution you to read some reviews, here's what someone at Newegg has to say.
    There's a reason why it's $40
  6. Best answer
    @ manchild133 - relax bro!

    the case you chose is the same as most cases out there, it only is cheaper because you dont have a brand badge stuck to it :P but yeah you'll have the connectors inside the case. mentioned - "2X Built-in Front audio ports"

    In my opinion, get 4Gb of ram for your rig, that should go well with your C2Q Q8300 and if your going for the mobo

    heres a list -

    about the review posted on newegg, the client mentions that there were no options for onboard grafix...he couldnt even locate it on the board nor the bios. My opinion - he knows jack. Get the ECS or choose a board from the link and check if ascend have what you want.
  7. Lutfij said:

    about the review posted on newegg, the client mentions that there were no options for onboard grafix...he couldnt even locate it on the board nor the bios. My opinion - he knows jack. Get the ECS or choose a board from the link and check if ascend have what you want.

    I read the review and I do agree that that person doesn't really know what he's talking about. I guess I'm just kind of biased against ECS (Biostar as well). I've had quite a bit of experience with both and, for the most part, they seem cheaply made and, at least in my experience, have a lot of issues. The deal I listed is dead anyway, it was only good yesterday.
  8. Electronic goods these days are like toilet paper of the lowest quality - they are nothing like they were 10 years back, all cos their made in CHINA :P
  9. Best answer selected by manchild133.
  10. And thank you on the vote! lemme know how your build comes along. And we're always here to help! You can PM me...
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