Peltier element cooling?

My 2600k is watercooled, and runs about 65C on 5,2 ghz. Then i thought, how about if i run the glycol (the liquid in my system) through another waterblock that's beeing chilled by a peltierelement before it goes to the cpu. I think that will greatly lower the heat on the cpu and even making it possible to clock higher ;p But im not sure how safe it is though x] the dT (the difference in temp on both sides) on the element is about 75C

Any thoughts? was thinking about cooling the hot side with a cpu cooler etc..
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  1. Air cooling the hot side of peltier doesn't always work well depending on how much heat it's putting out it may not be enough, most use the peltier on a block attached to the cpu itself, and use watercooling to cool the hot side of the peltier. Of course this all depends on what you are trying to do and if you mind insulating to avoid condensation.

    EDIT: just realized what you are trying to do, you may be able to do this outside the case, but remember if you cool the liquid too much below ambient you will get condesation. this doesn't sound like too bad of an idea, i could see it becoming problematic though...
  2. Are you running pure glycol or just some mix?
    just wondering on the actual ratio of glycol thats in there :)
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