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Was wondering one question concerning HDMI on newer boards. Does the HDMI on pc boards act like other
consumer products? in other words.. does it also send audio as well as video out?

I am considering building a home theatre pc, and would like to know if i can send audio and video to my
home theatre receiver with only the one HDMI cable... or do i have to find a board that has an optical?

BLu ray, and High def audio requires a HDMI to send Dolby True HD and DTS master Audio, can't be sent via optical.

Lemmie know what the boards HDMI will do.



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  1. The HDMI specification requires that all HDMI ports carry audio and video, if it doesn't it is not certified and you shouldn't get the motherboard. If the board is old you can always add a Radeon 5xxx card as it supports bitstreaming and most have HDMI ports.
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