New player in netbook processor market

Looks like AMD is finally getting into the Netbook fray. The Neo was unfortunately never really a contender in the market, and VIA never got anywhere.

I know it says $379, but I helped my buddy set one up that he got on boxing day for $299. I like it way better than my Acer Aspire One.

The processor is the L110 which isn't even listed on AMD's website yet, but from what i've read it's a development of the Athlon 64... but runs on far less power, probably due to a newer manufacturing process.

The TDP for the L110, its chipset and ATI X1250 total 21W... Not too shabby for a chip that's a development of a desktop processor.

It's only a 1.2Ghz part, but i read some benchmarks somewhere yesterday and it beat the Atom in most of their tests. And it definitely feels faster than my Atom

What do you guys think of this?
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  1. The X1270 is old tech, shader 2.0 I believe. Enough to run Areo I guess and still better than what ol Intel is providing with the Atom :D.
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