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I purchased a Biostar x58 motherboard at a good price but one problem i never really looked at before i brought it was the positioning of the PCI Express 1x slot. iv got a Sapphire 5770 Vapor x and it blocks it so i cant put in my xfi creative sounds card. iv looked at the asus P6T & even the rampage and they all seem to be in the same position . and i do believe even know it will fit i can not put the sound card in the pcie stranded port . so basicly a high end gaming motherboard chipset cant even cater for a high end gaming sound card. anyone got any ideas or am i missing something

My Motherboard http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/t-power/introduction.php?S_ID=397
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  1. You can put PCI-E 1x cards in the PCI-E 16x slots (the two below that still should be open). You can actually do the opposite too (16x in 1x) if the slot is open, not that you'd want to.
  2. so i should be able to put it in the white pcie 4x slot at the bottom once i get my secound 5770
  3. Yep, that should work perfectly.
  4. thanx for your help EXT64
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