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the rig is a m4n68t-m v2 with a phenom x4 965 black edition, 8gb ddr10600 1333mhz, and a antec 300 case (6 120mm fans), stock heatsink on cpu and i did goop it with diamond 7 thermal. pny 8400 2gb dvi card. ive heard of some hitting 4.1 with the phenom. ive been raking my brains out trying to get mine even close to the 4ghz mark, i seem to get to 3.928ghz, but asus put way to many different control variables in the bios. im lost when it come to some of these values. any help would greatly be appreciated - dave
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  1. What do you mean too many variables?
    The only things you need to really look at is FSB, CPU Multiplier, and CPU-NB speed.
    I dont think you can go above 3.9Ghz without raising voltage.
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Take a look of this guide:

    Disable C1E and Cool'n'Quite while you are overclocking. If you have more questions let me know.

    so i read that guide and i did get the memory timing right. but im getting lost on some of the settings. i did post a pic of what it does if you set the overclock to manuel the settings in that are the lowest, just wanted to cover all bases. i cant expect a good answer without proper information(im also an auto mechanic). im also looking into water cooling this to since i know heat is the biggest killer. any ideas? also it has to be kinda quiet i have a very active two yr old and if he see something making a lot of noise its bound to be apart.
  4. You don't need go on liquid to overclock, a good air cooler can be an excellent option. Hyper 212 EVO is a solid choice price/performance.
  5. k that does seem like a good option, i was looking at the corsair h60, so any ideas on which numbers need to be tweek on this saint19?
  6. agree with saint use hyper 212, however H60 better than it, i think your mobo very weak for overclock it ... minimum chipset 790 or higher
  7. Your mobo isn't very good for overclock, maybbe you can get around 400MHz more but always check the temps that are the important factor.
  8. well i got it stable to 4.095ghz with the current setup.the temp is running at 48c idle and the max it hit was 53c. ive tried to run prime95 and it crashes my system either overclocked or factory settings. is that normal? and if i got a better heatsink/fan setup would i be able to go even further, or even run prime95?
  9. agree with them as well. I have the hydro h80 and my idle temps are 17c but when i had my h212 evo my idle temps were 22c. so not much difference at all. to go liquid cooled is for those of us who are fanatical enthusiast. just like dumping time into a car to make it go faster when it already does 0-60 in 5 sec.
  10. I got mine stable to 4.23Ghz C3 Rev, I've bumped the voltages up to 1.65v an I've got it idling around 42 Degree's with Watercooling hits up to 55 Degree's Load
  11. ive decided to go with a h70 water cooling system, for the price i couldn't turn it down,(65.00) and it has the upgraded fans, now is the voltage at 1.65 going to be an issue for everyday use? the guy i bought the h70 off of said when it was in his system it ran at 50c all time, and mine runs at 48-50c idle and will spike to 63c on full load, i do know i have a bigger case and more fans then he had in his case. so in theory i should run cooler?
  12. Yowsa !!!

    Drop those volts. I would suggest 1.45v max (and even that is 0.05v over spec).
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