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Hello,i used asrock alivenf7 fullhd vr3.0 with a HIS 2600xt for almost 2 years until a few days ago when my mobo didnt recognized my card anymore, so i tryed it on another PC and it works, i also tryed a 7300gt on mobo and it works , i also reseted the MB bios and it still didnt recognized my ATI card ,so please help me out if you have a solution.
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  1. The only way what you say makes sense is if you have a loose connection.

    Any PCIe graphics card should work on any motherboard.

    I don't know what else to tell you. I assume when you say "not recognized" you mean that there is absolutely no video from the card even when Restarting.

    If you do see any video (so you can enter BIOS) then your video card works fine and it's a Windows software issue.

    Otherwise you either have an intermittent graphics card or motherboard issue, possibly a loose connection or a crack.
  2. thanks for your answer, i forget to mention that i also tried to reinstall Windows and still no signal from the VC , i asked some friends from DELL service department and they said that could also be a mobo problem , i'll try later another 2600xt to see if it works .
  3. well, i tried another 2600xt with exactly the same specs and still didn't work so this results that my mobo dislikes ATI cards lately , anyone knows what else can be made besides switching to nvidia cards?
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