Help with new build for Linux

Hi I am new to this and could use some help with building a new system.
the following is a list of the components .
Diablo tek phd650w power supply
Gigabyte ep45-ud3r motherboard
Intel core 2 quad q9550
Corsair cm2x1024-8500 c5d memory using 4 sticks
EVGA Ge Force 9500gt 1gb video card
Sabrent ultra ata 100/133 raid pci raid controller card ( with 2 120 gig Maxtor drives)
Sound blaster live sound card
OS will be ether Ubuntu or Mepis Linux.
Will the stock fan that comes with the cpu be ok or should I upgrade?
I would only over clock the system if I need to get the memory up to speed. I am more interested in compatibility and reliability.
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  1. You are wasting your money with an Intel Q9550. It costs as much as an i7 920 and isn't as good.

    You could go the i7 920/1366 way or invest in an 1156 setup. The best value can be found in:

    1) suitable 1156 motherboard
    2) i5-750 Intel CPU
    3) 4GB DDR3 1600MHz
    4) Corsair 650W
    5) HD4770

    since you are going with Linux you may need to double-check on video card driver support. You may even prefer onboard video but I'd recommend something in ATI or NVidia and newer such as ATI 3xxx/4xxx or NVidia 8xxx/9xxx.

    Stock fan: You can get a heatsink/fan combo that is much quieter but it will cost money. There are lots of reviews and comments. Start with NCIX. I recommend starting with stock and see if it bothers you. I'd spend at least $40 to $70 on a good heatsink/120mm fan combo.

    Sound card: be sure that the card will support Linux. My Audigy 2 did. My Auzentech Forte X-Fi does not.

    *the PSU is the most important part of your system. Don't skimp. Do NOT buy a PSU without reading a review. You will actually get some of your money back over the years due to higher efficiency.

    **I think you'd be much better off with a single, good hard drive. Why RAID two low-end hard drives anyway? I'd recommend a WD 1TB Black, a WD Velociraptor or a 2TB WD (the high-performance one) depending on your needs and budget.

    ***I don't know what you're using Linux for but most users don't need high-end systems. A system rarely needs a high-end CPU unless a game or application needs it.
  2. Thanks for the help !
    Sorry it took so long for my reply.

    the 1156 boards are using the p55 chip and with Linux newer is not always better.
    The p45 chip set is well supported but so far I haven't been able to find an i5/i7 board with this chip set.
    the same goes for the video card, it needs to be supported by the Linux and in my case by meth tv. and the Ge Force 9500gt is.
    as for the ide hard drives I am just trying to use them from my old system to save money for now until I can upgrade to sata drives.
    The reason I am using Linux is to watch, record and edit video, play games and some of the newer games are pretty good ,record and edit music and surf the net.
  3. My question is what do you plan to do with your linux server...

    Host for multiple virtual machines ?
    File server ?
    Web server ?
    Dedicated Gaming server ?
    Will it go to a datacenter or do you have a high upload internet ?

    This info will help me give better advice...

    Do not bother with hardware raid on a linux server... make it a software raid.
    If your raid card fails, you are screwed till you find the same one.
  4. Thanks
    I am not using this computer as a server it will be a workstation.
    the raid card wont be set up for raid it is needed because the ep45-ud3r only has one ide channel on board that will not be enough channels to hook up 2 hard drives, a dvd burner and a dvd drive. the main reason for this machine will be to edit video. but will it will also be used as my personal computer, and a tv. ( this will only be temporary until I can get sata hard drives.)
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