4GB's Ram not showing?

Ok, this is gonna sound really stupid but, i just ran a test for the APB beta, and it said i had 3998MB's of ram when i've got 2 2GB sticks. Is this normal? I know its only 2MB's but i just wanna be sure.
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  1. Actually, 4 GB would be 4096MB ram, but I wouldn't worry about it. Some portion is probably reserved for something. What does Windows (under System) say about ram amount?
  2. Windows says ..

    Total - 4094MB
    Cached - 1689
    Available - 2179

    Free - 484
  3. Oh and under system it says 4GB installed.
  4. Yep, then you are fine.
  5. Yeah i just ran the windows memory test, no memory errors were found so all seems ok.

    Was just a bit worried thats all! Thanks alot :D
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