Urgent! Please answer me.

Can someone help me choose which external hdd is best? I prefer the performance and flexibility, not which one is cheaper or not. I need answers ASAP cause Im going to abroad (China) for 2 weeks this Thursday and I want to copy my data from my home pc so i can access them using my laptop.

Please look at the site below for comparison:

External HDD A.


External HDD B.

Don't look at the prices, please look at the performance. Which one is better in performance, flexibility, compatibility, which one is thinner/smaller. AND, this external is just temporary, I will give it to my cousin, a C.Technician, when i came back from abroad. So, it also must suitable for computer technician job.

Thank you.
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  1. I am not a computer expert, but wouldn't the 500 be obviosly better than the 250?
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    I could not find any reviews to tell you whether one or the other performs better. They look to be much the same, except for the capacity difference.

    One thing to keep in mind is how the unit gets power. The listings you show do not tell you this. MOST portable external drives like this get their power from the USB port they plug into. USB ports have a limit on how much power they can provide. Smaller external HDD's like this usually can get enough that way. BUT a few need a little more, so they come with a special cable that has TWO USB plugs on its end, and you MUST plug BOTH of them into separate USB ports on your laptop - that's how they get enough power, they use two sources. So IF that is what you buy, you will have to be sure you have TWO unused USB ports on your laptop.
  3. Tq, I know the other one has more space, but if the 250G gives better performance, I buy it. you think the 500GB is thinner than the 250GB? Or bigger?
  4. I agree with "Paperdoc ". Good answer........
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