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Okay I've decided to build my first system all I have so far is the case,power supply,and motherboard as follows motherboard asrock m3a770de, rosewill black steel atx case, I also have an ati hd4670 to throw in it just till I can afford a better high end gpu, my question is this board supports ddr3 1600 memory,however can I run ddr2 in it till I can affoed better memory or ddr3 only,also can I run xp pro 32-bit untill I can afford another copy of windows 7?
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    Nope, DDR3 memory cannot run in DDR2 memory slots, thus DDR3 only, and you can run Windows XP Pro 32-bit on it - don't see why it couldn't. Just remember 32-bit can only handle 3.5/4GB. I suggest you get the 512MB instead of the 1GB HD 4670 if you do intend to use XP 32-bit, and three-four GBs of RAM. However, I don't think you'll be able to reuse your Windows XP copy on another motherboard, if it's an OEM version as OEM Windows is tied to the motherboard it was first installed on - if it's a retail version instead, don't worry about it.
  2. I already have the 1gb hd4670, this will work right?
  3. okay thanks
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