Hello, I am a Ameture User. I am have multiple problems.

1. My Cpu shows red light where the startup button is. The Computer do not start. Is this happening for incorrect connecting the power supply or the Motherboard can't find the Processor?

2.One of my Processor's pin has broken. Is my Processor is unusable? My Processor is P4.

3.My power supply has two small 4pins connector. What is the use of these connecetors?

My Computer is HP d330 microTower PC.

Plz help me.............
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  1. was your cpu beign assembled? if yes than recheck the circuit.
  2. chances are that the machine is unusable without a replacement CPU, because of the broken pin. check ebay for a replacement, or buy/build a new machine
  3. Few days ago I plugged off everything to clean the CPU. So I removed all connections from M.B. But when i reconnected them the problem occurs. As i am an Ameture So I afraid I might forgot that which wire where to plugs in.
    Now if u kindly instruct me to rejoined the wires to M.B i will greatly glad.
    My M.B is an old model.
    How I can send a pic here to show detail of my prob? Here Insert Image says to insert URL.
    By the way My Email-
    If u want pics i can send them through mail.

    Thanks for ur kind reply..........
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