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Quick question. When I purchased my Dell laptop, it came with DDR2-800 memory (2 x 1 GB). When I look at CPUZ, it says that my memory is only running at 333 mhz (x 2 = 666 mhz). Does that mean that my laptop does not need DDR2-800 memory and I could upgrade to a larger amount using DDR2-667, or would that hinder my performance any?

I know my CPU (t5270) has a FSB of 800mhz.

I am not that familiar with the way that Core 2 Duo's work. I know my laptop dynamically changes voltage to the cpu to save power, and sometimes overclocks itself an extra 200 mhz if it needs to. Cool technology; amazing that it doesn't affect performance at all, as it changes so quickly.

Thanks in advance for answers.
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  1. Bhueller...? Bhueller...?
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    Your model supports 667-MHz SoDIMM DDR2 (based on Dell manual). I doubt the Dell BIOS allows you to change anything, so there is no advantage to purchasing faster RAM, it will simply clock down to 667.

    Specs section on memory copied below:

    Memory module connector two user-accessible SoDIMM connectors
    Memory module capacities 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB
    Memory type 667-MHz SoDIMM DDR2
    Minimum memory 512 MB
    Maximum memory 4 GB
  3. If your FSB is 800MHz, thats 200MHz actual. This means you could run DDR2-400 and be ok. I would just get whatever the manual says to run. You should be able to use DDR2-800 as well, it should just downclock.
  4. Excellent answers, cheers to both of you. Thanks!
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