Prime95 Error Message

my system specs are

-350w Mad Dog MultiMedia PSU
-Nvidia Quadro FX 3000 AGP
-P4 HT 2.8GHz CPU
-Intel Stock Heatsink
-Asus P4C800E Deluxe Mobo
-Memorex DVD-ROM
-1024MB PC2100 DDR Ram (4x256MB)

well i ran prime 95, the Blend Test. After like 5 seconds, one of the "workers" stops, due to a "fatal error" it says: "Rounding was 5.0 , expected less than 4.0"

what is the problem?

AiBooster reports my cpu temp at 50C after runniogn the stress test right before it dies, but it only runs for like 5 seconds so its hard to get a good reading. the 50c temp on the AiBooster program the little dial is between the green and the yeallow areas.

any ideas, advice, etc.
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  1. Does it past SmallFFT? If so, the problem is probably memory. If not, the CPU is the problem.
  2. This means that your CPU is not Prime95 stable, have you had other problems with the CPU?
  3. I recommend trying SuperPi and Intel Burn Test to see if the CPU is stable at this point, for the memory use Memtest86. An error in Prime95 can point to a lot of things.
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