Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks.
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  1. That is just showing all of the different speeds that are preprogrammed into the ram/BIOS. Go over to the memory tab to see what your system is currently running at.
  2. Installed 3 sticks ocz1333 2gb. How do i read this?
  3. Well, the effective ram speed (what people often refer to) is twice the DRAM frequency:

    539.5 x 2 = 1079

    (Which is expected, most modules/BIOSes default to 1066)

    And latency is 7-7-7-19-1T.

    And Triple channel is enabled and working.

    To get RAM voltage, you'll need another utility such as HWMonitor.
  4. So how hard would it be to adjust voltages to get it to 1333? Here's where it's at now.
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    Not hard. The ram's website (or box) should tell you its voltage and timings for its rated speed (1333). Just enter them in the BIOS and test with Prime95 and or memtest86+ and you're set.
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