Huge deal ALERT!! newegg Caviar Black

I just saw this deal on newegg...

That's 100 bucks for a CM 690 case (very nice case) and a Caviar Black 640GB
That has to be a mistake. Might want to grab one today.... now... before they figure it out.
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    my guess is that WD is quietly refreshing their Caviar Black lineup to utilize 500GB platters like their 2TB Caviar Black that was recently announced. Newegg is probably trying to move inventory of 640GB models since they won't sell well when better performing Caviar Blacks become available. As it is now the Caviar Black 640 isn't a bad drive, but the Samsung F3 and 7200.12s from Seagate beat them out in most benchmarks.

    Still, it is a good combo for those able to jump on it now.
  2. Bahh, the 640 has been selling like hotcakes since it came out.... The 640 is superior to the F3 and ANY 7200RPM drive that Seagate has to offer. Do you have a chart that will say otherwise?

    IMO the reason why Newegg has such a deal has nothing to do with WD, the egg will post these kind of deals every now n then just to catch everyones attention and make sure they buy off the egg and not from another e-tailor.... This is not the first time the egg posts such a deal. I remember when they had a 940+790x for 199.99, basically you got the mobo for free and that combo lasted for 2 days till they sold out.....

    I have benched and compared the 640 vs. a Raptor WD1500ADFD and to my surprise the 640 came out on top. This cannot be done by any other 7,200 RPM drive.

    Minimum Transfer Rate:
    WD6401AALS: 57.2 MB/s
    WD1500ADFD: 53.9 MB/s

    Maximum Transfer Rate:
    WD6401AALS: 114.7 MB/s
    WD1500ADFD: 85.3 MB/s

    Average Transfer Rate:
    WD6401AALS: 95.0 MB/s
    WD1500ADFD: 73.8 MB/s

    Burst Transfer Rate:
    WD6401AALS: 122.7 MB/s
    WD1500ADFD: 107.4 MB/s
  3. Look at the Tom's Hardware benchmarks for 2009 and you'll see that only the new 2TB Caviar Black is in the top tier of performance drives currently. The 640GB Caviar Black was top in performance when it came out last year, but it's still based on a 2x 320GB platter design. Higher platter density is what leads to better performance.

    Tom's Hardware - Benchmark Streaming Read Operations

    The Tom's chart doesn't have a 640GB benchmark in their database, but the 1000GB Caviar Black has similar performance to the 640GB.

    As for beating Raptors, this has been the case for most 7200RPM drives that have been released this year.

    Edit: fixed chart link
  4. I had to get the deal, and I don't even need a new case... someone will want it I'm sure.
  5. lol..... yea that combo is too good to let go..... if I had the cash to burn I would have that in my basket =)
  6. Wow! And its not even an 11 series seagate. Somethings got to be going on with hard drives, they were sold out of F3s yesterday, and now there are massive deals on good hard drives. Im not usually surprised when i see massive deals with seagate drives but they are almost always 11 series drives, a free 1TB 7200.12 drive is surprising.
  7. DAMN! i wish i had the 100 bucks....
  8. I'm looking forward to retiring the old 320 AAKS to secondary status and moving the even older 160 AAJS to the portable drive :p
  9. And for those of you who missed it: 640GB Caviar Black for $49.99 in Newegg's Black Friday Sale.

    I skipped a $39.99 price at TigerDirect for an Intel E5200 CPU. Was planning to build my next budget system with that CPU. I saw a name brand motherboard for $19.99 after rebate. Not sure if that would have been a great combo, but $60 plus RAM for a system upgrade, not bad.

    What was that old Johnny Cash song, One Piece At A Time. If you design a system and buy it one piece at a time over several months you can probably save a considerable sum. That's what makes upgrading a home built system fun.
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