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if a exturnal hard drive is broken can it fix?
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  1. If the enclosure is ok but the HDD is bad, you can replace the bad HDD and put in a new one.
  2. In what way is it broken?

    Did you drop it? Did you overvolt it with the wrong adapter?
  3. Your right, i over volt it with the wrong adapter!
    Thanks to you all.
  4. An overvoltage usually causes the drive's 12V TVS diode to go short circuit. In most cases you can simply remove it.

    See ...


    Here are several photos of typical failures:

    Be aware that many WD external drives incorporate hardware encryption, even if you have not set a password. This means that you cannot just attach these drives directly to your motherboard's SATA port, nor will they work in a third party enclosure. If the small USB-SATA bridge board is also damaged, then you will need to repair it, or replace it with the same board from an identical WD product of the same capacity.
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