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So i have a Dell e510 with 3 gigs of RAM, 3.2 P4 CPU, and a 7300LE GPU. So I have been thinking of the e-Geforce GTX 260 216. But I run into space issues... My cooling system is in the way, just the plastic 'box' that i assume is the thing that channels the air (Im a software geek not a hardware geek as you can see :pt1cable: ).

My Questions:

1. I was also thinking of the 9600GT (EVGA), 8800GT (EVGA), 8800GT (FXF). Are any of these good? (I have a very limited wallet, 200-210$ ;a).) So what would be the best (Dont care about bottlenecking... cant spell... Just want the best thing that i can get for the best price... :fou:

2. Is there any way of fitting the GTX260, or any other card that is bigger than 7-8 inches, in my computer (I have about 3-3.5 inches of extra room) Ya OUCH...

3. I want a PSU with at least 550 watts (Prefered 650) THAT WILL BE COMPATIBLE WTH THE E510... ;a) Ive been having problems with finding a good one...

Thanks Ahead
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  1. get the ati 5750/5770.5770 if you into demanding games ,newegg has the corsair tx650 watt for $80 after rebate
  2. Thanks but will it fit? And that's the power supply i was thinking of but agian will it fit and im not sure it has all the plugs... THANKS
  3. Oh ya i heard that nVidia is better with Intel and Dell.
  4. Can someone please help me!!! I really need help so i can upgrade!!! ;a)
  5. Ok, so i figured out that the 7900GT was good for my current setup. So i opened my case to see what PSU plugs i'd need. Well i cant firgure it out and i would like to be able to upgrade... Does anyone have any ideas on what could work for me?
  6. wait...what?
    you bought a 7900 gt?
    that's an old card man...

    Nvidia used to be better, but now Ati is the leader in the game
    ofcourse it's not gonna stay like that

    I have no idea if it will fit and that I can't help you out there
  7. Ya its an old card... RIght now i have a 7300LE installed. Havent bought it yet. If i got any higher i think my CPU will bottleneck and i can get it for 50 not 180$ lol. And i only have one PCI-E and room for onely a single slotter. If i get to the two slotter i'd have to hack my fan apart... So im going with an older card and seeing what ill do. Ill prolly get something better after i upgrade my bios and CPU (P4 3.2 single core). Thanks though for the help... I wish i could go higher... but i cant and im used to it ;a) before my e510 i was running a dino with 333MHz and 6 gigs of HD and 256mb or RAM and a CRT screen... Hey wate, will this card be able to drive dual screens? (If i have to turn down rez for gaming i will but i want a good two screens for my gaming and HMWRK. And most of my games dont support dual screens. And ill only have a 17 and a 24 inch monitor...
  8. So right now i have a 7300 LE and i want to updgrade it to the 7900GT... ;a) Havent bought anything yet...
  9. I think you should be able to get an ati 4770 for around 90 dollars now
    that card will totally rape that 7900gt
    I suggest you look around on newegg, or where ever you want to buy your card
    if that price is too high, you should look for an Ati 4670
    I don't think you need a better psu with that one
    i'm not sure about the 4770
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    A pentium 4 would be a major bottleneck.

    A 9600GT, 9600GSO, or 4670 would be good options for your system. For a single core CPU, I don't recommend getting anything past these options or you'll be bottlenecked.
  11. WOW thanks for the quick reply's!!! But i dont have the money to upgrade that far yet and i dont thinks those will fit... are they single slots?? And right now if the 7900GT will run my 24" that i want im fine... DO you guys know if the 7900GT is able to do dual screen?? Thanks agian!! Oh ya... Supreme comander... do you guys have it? is there another one out besides the first one?? and how good is the C&C3? I hear its great but i havent really looked into it... ;a) I prolly get something like the 9600GT later on when i have some more money but for right now the 7900GT is just fine ;a).
  12. Supreme Commander and its expansion are pretty fun. If you like SupCom, you should play TA-Spring. It's a free rts engine/game based on SupCom's predecessor, Total Annihilation. SupCom2 is coming out next year I think.

    The 7900GT can run dual screen if it has two ports. C&C3 is good from what I've heard.
  13. For the dul screen do the ports have to be the same Ex: two DVI's??
  14. And disrecard the wallet number at the top... I dont have that much to spend on a card right now ;a).
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