Upgrading video card and psu - need advice

I am purchasing an ASUS CM5570-AP003 budget desktop and need to upgrade the GPU and PSU. This is not a high end PC obviously, but couldn't pass up the deal (Windows 7, 6g ram, etc + 20" ASUS 16:9 monitor for $499). I would like to put in a 4850 (leaning toward Sapphire, thoughts?) but am not sure about PSU. Used mainly for World of Warcraft, Photoshop, surfing etc. Future gaming would include Diablo 3.
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  1. I have no idea what kind of PSU that thing uses but you may want to consider an HD4770 instead. It uses a lot less power than an HD4850 and it's almost as good.
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    I agree with jyjjy, reasons to go with a 4770 are lower power use, almost the same performance, almost the same cost and it runs much cooler which is an important fact when using an OEM system without good cooling like the Asus. Any quality 400w power supply would be fine for the 4770 (or the 4850/5750/5770 for that matter)
    or a 500w OCZ

    WoW benchmarks.
  3. yahh, the battle between 4770 and 4850 is pretty close and if you want to see how many watts you need to power your system, check out this nifty calculator:
  4. They were out of the ASUS combo deal so I went with a Gateway DX4822-01. It comes with a 300w psu which obviously will need to be upgraded. I will take your advice on the 4770. Would this newegg combo be a good choice? These were the two items I was actually considering and was pleased to see them in a combo.

    PSU/GPU combo

    Would there be a better choice other than XFX for the 4770?


  5. After reading Gabriel Torres' review of the Corsair, I think it is the right choice. Any thoughts on the XFX card?

  6. My buddy has the XFX 4770 and it's been all good for him w/out any issues.
  7. Well I bought exactly that cm5570-ap003, originally bought the ap002 which had a wireless card and no monitor. It had a power surge problem and got a refund and then got the ap003 but sacrificed the wireless card.

    I put in a EVGA GTX 260 216

    and a 650 watt PSU from Ultra, when I bought it it was only 49 bucks

    everything runs beautifully, and I put in two system fans.

    The GTX 260 needs two pci E connections and that PSU qualifies

    I researched graphics cards and opted for nvidia, but I did consider the ATIs for he features, I recomend you consider what you are going to use it for. Ultra high resolution max settings direct X 10 will need more power, search for best price and what you really need.
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