First time builder for i7

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Once a complete build is decided

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Software Development, Image/Video Processing, Gaming in the future

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard. Mouse. Monitor





Processor: Intel i7 950 (I got sources to get a good price on this)
Memory: (anybody got better suggestion from Newegg?)
CPU Cooling: Need help on this
Casing cooling:Will I need more at the moment?
PSU: Need help with this as well.

Graphic card: Here is the catch, I initially plan to get a new desktop sometime by the end of next year, but my faithful laptop has been acting up with failure to boot issues(solve by refit though). So I will have to speed this up a bit. So now although I'm getting this desktop I would like to hold on a little longer for newer gen graphic card to be released. So any suggestion of an in-place graphic? As I guess there is no onboard graphic for my board.

Appreciate the help!!
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    For CPU cooling a lot of people like HDT (Heatpipe direct touch) coolers. I personally have the Xigmatek Dark Knight and it works wonders and I believe it was around $50. A lot of people may tell you to go for the True Coolers which are a little more expensive and have more pipes.

    That case does only have 2 80mm fans. With the heat produced by the i7 you may want a case with more airflow. I use the Antec 900 and love it. There is a 200mm fan on top to draw air directly from the CPU heatsink, however the case you picked may be enough.

    Tough to go wrong with a Corsair PSU. A 750W or 850W would probably be good and relatively future-proof if you make sure it has all the connections you need for future GPUs. TX-850 is a good model.

    If you need a GPU to get by for now, you can get a 9800GT to last for a while and use it as a Physx card when you get new GPUs. The GTX 260 216 has come down in price as well and has excellent price per performance.
  2. Thanks youngster. But about the GPU part as off now will it be ok for me to look at GPU at $30 USD?
  3. That depends, on how much you want to do. You can definitely get a card at that price on

    you could maybe get something along the lines of an 8400GS to get you by for now. Just make sure that whichever card you end up choosing has a PCI Express connector, not AGP
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