Ssd not showing up, p5n-e sli motherboard

I can't seem to get my new Kingston SSD to show up under Windows 7. I installed the newest nForce drivers and BIOS for the motherboard, a p5n-e sli. The drive is showing up on the BIOS screen, but Windows 7, the DVD installer with the Nvidia SATA drivers loaded, or a Mint LiveCD will not show the SSD.
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  1. Just to clarify, the Kingston is a secondary drive? Your Win 7 boot drive is a HDD or SSD?
  2. Right now I am still booting up using the HDD. The SSD is connected on SATA port 1 and I would like to either install fresh or do a disc clone using Acronis etc onto the SSD from the HDD. It just seems like nothing will show the SSD other than the BIOS.
  3. Try clearing the CMOS on your motherboard (page 1-26 of your motherboard manual).

    After you’ve done that do a fresh install of Windows. Disconnect all HDD & USB drives; only have your SSD and the CD/DVD drive with the Windows installation disk connected.
  4. I tried resetting the CMOS, but it didn't do anything as the drive is correctly identified in the BIOS. If I disconnect the HDD, Windows 7 Installation doesn't find any hard drives at all. I am going to try to do a partition shrink and a 1:1 copy to the SSD if I can.
  5. Sorry. Hopefully other Forum members will be able to help you.
  6. You see the SSD in your BIOS but not in your "My Computer"?... Correct

    Go to your "My Computer", right click and select Manage. Once it opens, go to Disk Management and format / initialize the drive. The drive needs to be formatted to show up in your "My Computer".
  7. it doesn't show up in disk management to format, I also tried to do it through the command line on the recover console, same issue
  8. I know it's a stale thread, but I found a work-around for this. I too have the P5N-E SLI and wanted to upgrade to an SSD. The deal that seemed good at the time was the Kingston 96GB V100+. After struggling with drivers and cables and all that, I started finding these threads around the internet. Since I didn't want to hassle with sending the drive back, and I had to get back up and running soon I decided to try an add-on controller card.

    I picked up the SIIG SATA II PCIe (SC-SAE012-S2) from a local store for $40. My choices were a bit limited since I was pressed for time, so there may be comparable cards out there for less. The driver had to be loaded from the CD during the Windows installation, but after that it has been smooth sailing, it even shows up as a bootable drive option in BIOS.

    So far so good...
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