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I use Windows XP Home SP 3. I installed portions of Office Enterprise 2007 (Word, Excel and Outlook) from my Administrator account. I used the software in my Administrator account for a few days, and everything was going well. Then I switched back to my Limited User account.

In the Limited User account, each and every time I start Word or Excel, Office Enterprise 2007 wants to configure itself. This process lasts about 5 minutes. (I haven't used Outlook yet in the Limited User account.)

I switched back to my Administrator account, assigned Admin privilege to the user account, switched back to that User account which now has full admin privilege, and it worked fine. I switched back to my Administrator account, took the admin rights out of the user account, switched back to the user account again guessed it...same problem. Every time I start Word or Excel, Office 2007 spends 5 minutes configuring itself. Since I use Office just about every day, this behavior is not acceptable.

As a result, I have gone back to using my Administtator account for day-to-day computing, which is not an ideal situation. If anyone can help me to solve this problem I'll be very grateful. I think it's some kind of rights issue and I'm supprised why MicroSoft didn't address it. It seems like a pretty common issue.
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  1. a limited user account is just that... limited. if you want the limited account to be able to run the software correctly, you should uninstall the software, re-install under the limited account (with admin rights), configure Office, THEN put the limits back on the account. That is how we did it for our company machines.
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