Help with ddr3 1866 (specs in post)

mb: ga-990fxa-ud7
cpu: amd fx-8120 zambezi 3.1ghz
ram: 16 gb kit gskill 1866
PSU: 850 watt (not sure on manufacturer/model w/o opening case
Cooler: cooler master geminiII s524
case: custom
Video: his 5850, saphire 6850

Memory will only run at 1600. contacted gskill to no avail they blamed it on bios, updated bios, same issue. I get bsod at windows login gskill says 9,10,9,28 with 1.5 dram voltage. But doesnt work. all help appreciated (new to overclocking so please be specific and patient :P)
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  1. So you have manually entered in the specs for the RAM in the BIOS?
  2. you got to leave the memory setting to manual in bios do not put back to auto
  3. i did change the specs after the update
  4. sorry I am currently running it at 9,9,9,24 and 1600 stock voltage. The 1866 timings from above cause the bsod
  5. Get a RMA # if they are not running at manufacture's specifications. You didn't list the model but you should double check the side of the ram and make sure you got the correct kind. If you did and you are manually entering these times and are receiving BSOD you will probably want to return. You could run Memtest as well to see if one of the sticks is faulty. But either way I'd exchange/return them.

    Note to check if these sticks are supported with your board.
  6. compare your memory setings using cpu-z spd and look under memory to see the one you got are set also in cpu-z
  7. gskill and newegg both told me that the sticks are supported by this board. I have also found references to this combo in forums but with no instruction to my current issue. model number is f3-14900cl9q-16gbxl
  8. Do as scout_03 said if you haven't already and compare results with cpu-z. If the specs are still off then RMA time unless you don't mind the 1600 clock which isn't going to be a noticeable difference from the 1866 anyways.
  9. all 4 sticks are showing same stats in cpuz spd...nothing shows in memory other than the total amount (16384mb)
  10. then something wrong with memory go with skaz rma
  11. ok thank you , i will contact them tomorrow for rma number.
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