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I'm looking for an 60GB SATA III SSD, the thing is I'm buying it in the USA but I don't live there.. So if anything comes wrong with it I'm pretty much screwed and I've read that most SSD are very buggy and stop working suddenly for no good reason, I have 110$ top and would buy from Amazon or Newegg! these are the ones I've found

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  2. There are always going to be some DOA drives, whether mechanical, or SSD. And you have to take the newegg reviews with a grain of salt, because not all the reviewers know how to properly diagnose a PC problem.

    That being said, if you purchase a reputable SSD, you should be fine.

    And please don't bump threads, especially after only 20 minutes. Thanks.
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    The Crucial m4 is by far your best beat for reliability out of those three.. The VSync Sandforce drives aren't the best & have been very buggy.
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  5. Ok sorry! I'll go with the crucial m4 thanks!
  6. The OCZ solid has better read/write stats than the Crucial. Even though the Crucial has better overall user ratings, I'd go with the performance of the OCZ solid.
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