Intel 990x OC 4.5 Ghz lf advice settings , temp , cooling

:hello: Hi guys,

I just started OC about 2 days ago. Starting to enjoy it a lot it's addictive can you please let me know what your thoughts and suggestions are and if I'm heading in the right direction with my OC settings.

Here are my system specs

HAF X 942 Chassis (4fans standard that came with case, Top Left Back Front)
intel 990x extreme 6 core (V8 CoolerMaster installed)
Nvid Evga GTX 580 x2 superclocked fermis
6 GB Corsair Dom GT 1866 (this wednesday will be replaced by 12gb Corsair D GT 2000mhz)
Asus Rampage Xtreme 3 MOBO
intel 510 series SSD 250GB
Corsair 1000w PSU
LG blueray / DVD
Windows 7 64 HP

When I did CineBench Testing for CPU the score was 11.52 but core 0 , 5 , 4 reached 83 degrees. @ 100% load

CineBench OpenGL was 50.92 fps (all settings high quality in nvidia settings) temp was in 40s

When I play battlefield 3 my temps are 50-60.

Do I have inadequate cooling? If so what do you recommend? I was thinking of buying the corsair H100 hydro series what do you think>?

Is 50-60 ok for games like BF3 long periods of time 10 hours straight?

I'd like to add some pictures I took of my BIOS settings and CPUID they are stored on my PC and I'm not sure of how to get them on here. If anyone can let me know how to put them on here I'd appreciate it.

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  1. WOW! lol ran the same tests with the new h100 corsair and the 12 GB memory and what a difference. The temps before were 83 with the V8 cooler.

    4.5 Ghz inel 990x 6 core extreme


    CineBench open GL - 51.45 temperatues were low 30s
    CineBench CPU Score - 11.5 temperatures were 64,56,59,57,61,63 (100% load) these are the max temps they were lower as well.

    Should I be doing something with my RAM? I dont think the multiplier is changing the speed. The speed is 1066 but I have 2000Mhz?

    Even at default bios settings Target RAM frequency is set to 1066 ....
  2. Please close this . Managed to get things going with help from another website. Thanks
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