Can you please tell me what to get here???

i'm gonna buy a graphics card in the next couple i'm about i get 2 Zotac 8600 gt 1GB "SLI" instead of Nvidia GTX 260??

i'm having C2Q 3GHz, 4GB ram...

please reply..

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  1. Bad idea. Two 8600GT's are nothing in comparison to the GTX 260. Get the GTX 260 hands down.
  2. thanx englandr753
    this will save a lot :)
  3. think that GTX 260 will do OK with ARMA 2?
  4. You're welcome and yes, I think you will be fine with that GPU as it is faster than 80% or more of gamers GPU's out there. It will be another couple of years before you should start thinking about having to upgrade from the GTX 260 and even then you can probably stretch it out another year or so depending on the games and resolutions you play...
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