Upgrading my Pc*

Hey guys i had planned on building a new pc for around 500€ but due to money issues i put that on hold and decided to go for a cheaper upgrade instead. Was planing on upgrading within 2-3 weeks.
I want my pc to play games like Call of duty 4, Mw2 Team fortress 2. My preferred resolution is 1680x1050

My current system looks like this at the moment:

(Original Parts)
Cpu: Intell Pentium 4@3.06ghz
Pretty crappy black packard bell pc case
2.5Gb ddr2 ram
ATI Radeon HD4850
Psu:Corsair 650w

At the moment when i play call of duty 4 i get massive graphic lag spikes and the same in call of duty 2.

I guess its just my old cpu which is letting me down.

Im wondering what would the best thing to do be? Buy a new cpu and Motherboard and ram ? or leave the ram out ? im not sure thats why i came here. I got a general budget to around 200€ which isnt a whole lot i know

I usually buy from these sites
www.komplett.ie or www.pixmania.ie

I was looking at the Intel Core™ 2 Quad Q8200 2,33GHz for 125 which leave 75 for mb and ram? im not too sure which is the best way to go about this.

I was thinking i could buy one part each week which could maybe raise the budget but would take longer which i kinda want to avoid doing :)

Ok il stop rambling now :D

Thanks for any adivce you can give
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  1. You have a good PSU and adequate GFX card, so those don't need to be upgraded for a while yet. Since your main concern is gaming, I think the best way to improve performance cheaply would be to upgrade to the fastest clocked core2 duo you can find. The preferred way to upgrade if you have the funds would be to go with a new board, cpu, and RAM. A core i5 750 would be the way to go right now (for Intel). I really would recommend against the Core 2 quads since they haven't decreased in price much despite being outclassed by the i5 750 in just about every way.
  2. yep the only drawback in going with the Athlon II X4 over the Phenom II X4 is that the Athlon II's don't have L3 cache. This doesn't impact gaming all that much, especially with more mainstream setups. You also have the ability to upgrade along the way as your budget permits.
  3. Yeah i seen that upgrade kit .. Didnt know weather it was good value for money though.. would you say this would be the best way to go for my budget? :)
  4. well looks like a solid option,what speed and configuration is you current ram?
  5. Im not really sure sorry is there a way to check with taking it out?
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