2x 295 in quad vs 2x5870

I am building a new pc I have xfx295 which I got last week I am thinking of runing them in quad It would be hard to sell..... but maybe its possible if I can trade for an 5870 and get another 1 and crossfire em and its possible I can buy another 295 xfx.
I am looking for the fastest fps on i920 set up I searched for reviews but all put single 295 against it to compare. My current system q6600 3.2 oc 4gb 1066 and some crap hdd and 800 w psu and vista 32 bit.
Some or most games run 30 - 90 fps on 1920x1080. The new system will have ulitmate installed on it 64 bit.
suggestion thoughts let me know which set up is faster.
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  1. Please any mod0 remove 1 of the threads it seems like it double posted not my fault though. lol
  2. Driver and game support for quad SLI is dire at best even regular 2 way SLI/Crossfire support isn't all that great so if I were you I would go with 2 HD5870's.
  3. so you think I should trade the 295 for a 5870 and get an extra 1 ?
  4. wicked666 said:
    so you think I should trade the 295 for a 5870 and get an extra 1 ?

    The HD5870 is more future proof in terms of DirectX 11 but performance wise your swapping like for like. Personally I think it would be a good move in the long term but short term you won't see much benefit.
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