Need some good/cheap case fans

So I have this old case, and it has no fans at the moment.

It has :
2x 80mm front intake
2x 80mm back exhaust
2x 120mm bottom intake
1x 120mm (or 140) top exhaust

The side panel is blank, but I'm thinking of drilling my own fans holes, maybe a huge 200mm fan? However I've heard the side fans can disrupt the regular airflow. Advice?

Also, do you think it would be wise to take out the front 80s and put in a 140 or 180? (there's enough room).
The 80mm really kinda suck in the "cfm" department, (20-30 at best). Whereas the 180 is alot better and quieter, though more expensive.

Also too, I was just wondering what brand of fans are best? Delta's seem really powerful, but perhaps too powerful.
I guess just recommend me a few, maybe some that you use, etc

And thanks! :)
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  1. Preferably off newegg if possible, as they're being ordered with other parts, and it cuts down on the shipping.
  2. Thermaltake ships from either next door to Newegg or the Newegg facility in So CA itself. Newegg may handle the TT refurb. store. Ships next day just as fast as Newegg. Fans can get expensive. Those at TT look like a good deal.
  3. I use Silverstone 12cm fans and they work fantastic, rifle bearings so they can be mounted in any position w/o too much linear movement.

    What you want to look for in a good fan is the bearings, airflow/blade design, and how you want to plug it in.

    I recommend, hydrodynamic bearing, rifle, and ball bearing fans. They are usually a little pricier than the base model sleeve bearing but they will pay you back in longevity and peaceful quiet.

    IDK about 8cm fans... however for your 14cm solution, I would either get a 14cm fan that can keep up w/ all the other fans, or, get a 12cm fan to keep positive pressure in the case to slow down how much dust accumulates.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Yate loon 120mm fans are very good and cheap.

    Ditch the 80mm fans if you can. They have to spin fast to get any airflow and then become noisy. A single slow 120mm fan will be more effective.

    Consider abandoning the case and getting something like the Antec illusion case which comes with fans for $55:
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