Whats your highest clocks on 570 Only thread

Hey guys just want to see how far we have pushed out gtx 570.

I currently have a reference GTX 570 from EVGA .

Clocks are OC'd to

Core Voltage 1075
Core Clock 900
Shader Clock 1800
Memory Clock 2002
Fan Auto

Highest temp recorded is 80c
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  1. 1000Mhz Core after editing the BIOS and flashing the card.

    Didn't last long though, 2 GTX570's + 1.175V + 10 minutes = Blown VRM's lol :ouch:
  2. o.o

    So tell me are those clocks you have seen before that the card handled or were they experimental? Cuz those clocks are insanely high lol.
  3. Nope not seen clocks that high for a 570, however I was using watercooling and felt brave lol
    I had heard of other people having GTX570's die on them because of the VRM's blowing, I took the risk anyway.

    I had fun anyway :) I got a 3DMark11 run out of it aswell.
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