USB audio and clock time issues with AMD 785 and SB710


I have purchased MSI and ASUS motherboards with AMD 785 and SB710 chipsets and found the USB audio skips and does other weird things. I have also found that the system clock (while running a load) loses time by as much as a minute over the course of a few minutes time (yes that is true). I know that the higher the load, the faster the system clock loses time. Has someone else seen this? I have 6 other computers in my business and they are all rock-solid in terms of audio and time.

I am aware that some AMD chipsets utilize "virtual" IRQs which would account for the audio issues so I am not so concerned with that although it seems like this is a bad design choice. But to have the system clock lose time under any circumstance seems ridiculous to me. Can anyone else confirm this behavior?

I believe I have troubleshooted the issue fairly well.

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  1. Just wondering, the system clock runs off a cell battery when the computer is shut off, how big is your PSU?
  2. I tried 2 different PSUs that are around 500W. The clock differences I am seeing are when the system is running Windows XP.
  3. The XP system clock should never lose time because:

    A: Its by default updated from the Internet
    B: If not, it uses the CPU's built in high performance timer, which should be accurate within 1ms timing.

    So something is REALLY screwy there...
  4. Clear/Reset the CMOS/BIOS using the jumper according to the user manual description of the procedure. Then enter BIOS, return all BIOS options to your preference, then Save and Exit. Check that the jumper is not left in the clear/reset position.

    If running Windows XP, disable HPET (High Performance Event Timer) in System BIOS. XP doesn't support it, anyway. Alternatively, if already disabled, then try enabling it.

    Also enable ACPI and APIC in BIOS if not already (though this may necessitate a re-install of the OS).
  5. The system clock is generated by the motherboard and is totally independent of the processor. It will make no difference to the time whatever the load is on the CPU. Also the time is corrected by default when the computer is connected to the internet providing that the time is not to far from the correct time.
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