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Which, in your opinion, is the best AMD CPU for gaming?

I'm on a budget so Intel (sadly) isn't an option;unless I choose something like the Q8300 or the E series. I could afford the 955 and anything below for AMD. I've heard about the AMD's CPU heat problems but I'll still be using the standard cooler.

Should I opt for a Intel CPU with less clock speed but better performance?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Well AMD's are just as good at gaming - if not better - than intels.

    The 955 is a solid choice but more important is the graphics card. You would be a lot better off with say a X3 720 BE and a 5770 gpu than say an X4 955 BE and a 8800gt for example. How much are you looking to spend overall?
  2. Your current system, or what else you plan to purchase (as well as the budget as suggested by Jenny) would be most helpful. Phenom II CPUs run quite cool, it's the original Phenoms that you want to avoid (9950 etc) as they were woeful.
  3. The AMD Heat issues are pretty much gone, the issue was that the original phenom was too new and the first versions on 65nm...

    Stock Coolers are fine and work very well for most users, aftermarket coolers are are always nice to have but only required for overclocking.

    The PhenomII's even if they get outperformed by intel cpus do fairly well but keep in mind that CPU's surpassed general software use by a lot.

    For example I run a Phenom9950 (was an upgrade from an old AthlonX2, best thing my old M2N-E could run) and up to date I can run everything flawlessly at 1920x1080 with a gtx260.

    As posted above for gaming, the better videocard is mandatory as even the cheepy AthlonII X4 will do a great job.

    The Phenom720 VS Athlon630 is always a debate considering they are in the same price range.

    Phenom II X3 720 + is the 6MB L3 Cash and unlocked multiplier
    Athlon II X4 630 + is that it's a quad core...

    I usually always pick the Athlon as I think the 4th core makes a bigger difference then the 6MB L3 Cash but one who enjoys tweaking will like the Phenom.

    Some parts I recommend.

    Athlon X4 -630 = 112$
    PhenomX3 720 - 124$
    PhenomX4 955 = 165$

    Asus M4A785-MEVO = 95$
  4. Contrary to popular belief, Gaming in it's current state is primarily driven by GPU performance. And as long as the CPU is "good enough", there is little difference in most titles. The caveat being that a better/faster processor now will be more likely to provide that adequate performance for a longer period of time as more stressful games are developed and released.

    Coolit's choices above are solid, and worth further investigation. From that point, if passing over the 955 for a 720 in order to save money makes the difference between one video card and a superior one, then definitely put the money into graphics.
  5. I don't know what your budget is, but I'd suggest grabbing the Athlon II X4 630, it should easily overclock to 3.5Ghz or higher. Than invest in the best gpu you can afford.
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