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OK, so in an attempt to get my wife's PC to shut up I have purchased myself a Hyper 212 Evo (Microcenter had it for $30 the other day) cooler for my system (very disappointed with the fan noise so far, but I have not tweaked any of the fan settings yet. It basically runs full tilt even with the mobo settings at minimum... But boy does it look pretty :P ), and gave my old Zalman CNP 96mm cooler to my wife's PC. I first thought that there was no fan control on the mobo, but upon closer inspection I found that I am getting erroneous readings from some of the temp sensors (like a case temp of 68*c when it is much closer to 70*f, and an SSD temp of 128*c, CPU of 80*c while core1 and core0 are both at 28*c). At any rate, suffice to say that heat is not a real issue in her case, but due to the bad readings it sets the CPU and system fan at max all the time.

I recently installed SpeedFan, and read a few posts on how to properly set it up, which seems to be working great (I will try it on my system to get the 212evo working properly) and sets the CPU cooler as low as it will go (~6-800rpm). It will not control the case fan (though connected to the mobo), but I had a fan resistor handy, which has gotten it relatively quiet (though it is still the loudest item in the system).

Anywho, I threw the SpeedFan program into the startup folder, but when I start the computer it does not show up in the icon tray, or task manager. I know that it is working because after windows loads the CPU fan gets quieter and quieter until it goes silent, but it bothers me that a process is running that I cannot see. Plus I would really rather it show up in the icon tray for ease of access. I believe the problem is with the Windows UAC, but any thoughts on the matter would be helpful.

Again, it all seems to work fine, I just want the icon to show up.
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