Xp shows ram bios does not

I upgraded my HP Pavilion Media Center PC to 3GB RAM by adding 2x1GB DIMMs. Windows XP shows the full 3GB, but the BIOS does not. The 1GB sticks show up as 32MB.
Performance doesn't seem to be improved as one would expect. Do I have a BIOS problem?
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  1. To use an automotive analogy: The Speed of the truck and the Size of the truck are two different things.
  2. That may be, however big trucks tend to haul more dirt quicker. In the past I've seen good performance improvements in program loading and context switching speed via adding memory.

    In any case just wondering why the bios doesn't see all the memory and whether that matters, given that XP seems to see it.

    Thanks Scotteq
  3. Doesn't matter - The OS sees it.
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