Sata problems bios boot fails

I've some serious problem on my computer, regarding disks Nothing seems to realy work anymore, I'm frustrated

As after fully working, I had a software problem after uninstalling an application;
all disks stopped working suddenly. (all data given up already erased to zero) but i've no reason to mistrust the other parts of the computer.
-2xSamsung HD103UJ   (NEW disk )   after plugging in the power sata cable (independent of the data cable)     the  bios (Hard/cold) restart   never responds
                                                       all is dead  nothing  to do.
                                                       disk seems not to have any problem on other machine
                                                       both disks respond identical  as if there is a power short cut.   disk makes faint noise

                                                       ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF THE DISK (FORGOTTEN)

-Baracuda 7200-7   (original boot disk)
                                                        seems to have problems when running in SATA mode(bad blocks)  far less problems in enabled combined mode
                                                        but is fully recognized  by the bios and herin's boot  utilities can access it
                                                        in graphical tests there seems to be a pattern in the bad blocks at the end of a track or so but passes the whole disk
                                                        in emulated PATA mode it finds an error  at  around 40 gig and stops (old original partition boundary)
                                                        I would like to do  a low level format (BUT CAN NOT FIND THAT ON HERIN'S BOOT 14) 

motherboard : 945GM-S2  F6

the system without disks is clearly fully dead, but with 4 disks available 2 in doubt 2 functional i should be able to get something starting again
please help /explaining/experience is welcome. My brain starts to get fried as well.
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  1. If I understand correctly, it sounds like either your power supply is dying/dead or your drive controller is dead (which will require a new motherboard). If you can get your hands on a spare power supply, I'd try that first.
  2. Changed the power supply : behavior identical. do not beleive deffective mother board 1 Hard disk although possibly deffective disk works, the disk is the weakest link here.
    HD103UJ i know are tricky devices some kind of auto setting with controller once on a 3 gig controller they are difficult to switch back (please help)

    WD7500AAKS Behavior mistry

    ST3160023AS is running a low level format maxor low level format(herin BOOT 14) non LBA, it seems to run ok for now.
    except MAXLBA = 268435454 instead of 3,,,,,,,, but tat is probaly bad block allocation space allocation (Confirm)

    it does not explain why HD103UJ 1 terra disk does not work

    all help welcome
  3. sorry read 3 gig as sata 3 in previous message
  4. Your system's symptoms appear to be that of a short circuit on either the +5V or +12V supply rail.

    If a short circuit exists, then what usually happens when you press the power button on your case is that the fans kick once and then the supply shuts down. Is that what is happening?

    When you say you tested your Samsung drives on a known good machine, was this before the problem showed up on your current machine, or afterwards?

    I strongly suggest you stop what you are doing and take some measurements with a multimeter. Specifically, set your meter on the 200 ohms range and measure the resistance between ground and each of the +12V and +5V pins at the SATA power connector of each of your WD and Samsung drives.

    If you find a short circuit, then it will probably be due to a shorted TVS diode, in which case there is usually an easy, no-cost, DIY fix. Let us know if you need help in taking the measurements.

    SATA power connector pinout:

    Here is a cheap DMM (US$5) that will do the job:

    Cen-Tech 90899 7 Function Digital Multimeter:

    Cen-Tech 90899 7 Function Digital Multimeter User Manual:
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